Fine line tattoo and piercing

We are El Dorado counties premier body modification studio.
Providing you with the cleanest most professional service possible.
We are constantly keeping up with new trends and technologies to
offer you the best of everything for every tattoo and piercing.
Not the same old same old.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Dave, Graham,
and Taj are the most knowledgeable and professional tattoo
and piercing staff around. New skool, Old school, Traditional,
Japanese, Tribal, Wildlife, portraits, Writing, color, or black and
grey. Bring in your art ideas or let one of our artists create a work
of art for you.

Graham and Dave both have many years of piercing experience.
Keeping up with the latest trends such as dermal anchors, insures
you that we are constantly expanding our knowledge and skills to
better serve you.


Does it hurt? Yes
How can it hurt less? Breath, relax, don’t move.
Does it bleed? Yes, a little bit.
Does it swell? It can swell a little.
Does it scar? Very rarely.
Is it permanent? Yes, it is. Although there are removal techniques
you should always treat it as a forever choice. Most removal
techniques cause scarring even if minimal.
How do I take care of my tattoo? Most basic – Don’t touch it with
dirty hands. Don’t scratch or pick your tattoo. No swimming or hot
tubs. Keep it clean and moist. Your artist will give you an aftercare
sheet and specific instructions for the care of your new tattoo.